Lady Portia on Freedom Through Mindfulness

I felt compelled to voice Lady Portia’s recent message to the world through Kathyrn May’s channeling and transcription. I have been hearing a synchronicity lately in messages and I just listened to David Wilcock’s  show, Wisdom Teachings, on Gaiam TV. He also speaks of certain things that the dark cabal does to keep us distracted and enslaved on this planet. The whole idea of using our base nature against us makes sense to me, and helps me to realize just how we have very possibly been manipulated and corralled for millennia.  As uncomfortable as it may feel to you, I challenge you to sit for a while and think about how you would go about enslaving a race of people if you seriously wanted to.  What would you appeal to in that race of beings, if you wanted them to do certain things, or behave in a certain way?  What would you do if it was the fearful, negative, destructive emotions in that race of beings that gave you the greatest high you had ever experienced? Would you manipulate them so that they produced and gave you more of that emotion?  Would you…if you didn’t give a rats ass what they felt in the process? Is it possible…..just possible….that we are being manipulated? Let me tell you…it’s a f***ing good question. How you gonna answer that?  Listen to my rendition of Lady Portia’s message.

My Love and Blessings to all,


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