Give Me Strength and Stream of Consciousness

Breathe Love-Light into my heart, and breathe Love-Light out of my heart and out to the world.     Just breathe.

I am going to write by stream of consciousness what it is that want to talk about, and why I titled this give me strength. As I mentioned in my ‘It’s Me’ page, I am healing myself of a disease process called Hashimoto’s. It is an auto-immune disease where my body produces antibodies which then fight and try to destroy my thyroid gland. In case some don’t know it, the thyroid sits in the front of the neck, towards the base. This is also an area called the throat chakra, which is an energy point, or vortex. This energy is also  called qi (chee).  If that point becomes blocked or stagnant in your energy body, then the physical body will quite often start showing signs by creating disease.  I believe that is why I have this, and I believe that I can cure it, by speaking what my truth is. I am coming out of the closet, so to speak. Only mine is a different type of closet.

I sing and speak something called Light Language. I started feeling like I needed to speak some years ago and suppressed it for quite a while until I found a woman on the internet by the name of Judy Satori. She is from New Zealand and has a website called Sound of Light. When I started listening to her speak what she called Light Language, I was amazed because I also do something along those lines as well,  and I had no idea what it was or why I kept feeling the need to speak it. However she gets translations of her downloads, where as I do not, at least not yet. She has been doing it for quite a few years and she says in the beginning she didn’t know what it was or what it meant either. Just this week I found another site called Expanding that talks about Light language and gives an explanation of what they consider it to be. I was very happy to see it and hear about someone else who does this.  Because let me tell you…this is fringe baby.  Unless you have listened to someone else’s Light language, this will be nothing you have ever heard before.

I started making some recordings of my singing and speaking about two years ago. I had decided that not allowing myself to speak this really odd stuff was at least part of why I was dealing with Hashi’s.  I started using a little voice recorder but didn’t allow anyone else to hear it. I finally bought a microphone for my laptop, and downloaded a program that makes recordings and can create MP3s.

When I decided to create a blog at first, I just wanted to send out into cyberspace some of the blogs that I read and the information I feel is pertinent to being a happy person.  As I said in my about page, sometimes I hear or read something that I feel like, “Oh people have just got to hear this”.  Well it ended up being a blog where I also have to put out my own information, my truth. The part of speaking my truth that I need strength for, is putting this on the internet and sending it out. So to the Universe is where I am sending it, and anyone else that happens to hear it…well.

This first one you will hear me speak for a few minutes, break, and then start the introduction again. I had planned to use that break to more than likely edit what I had started with, and then decided to keep it in because it was my stream of consciousness at that time. I figure authentic voice means keeping my finger off of the edit button as much as possible. I did however cut it down a bit. I found a break in the communication and decided that was enough for the first time…otherwise this sucker went on for 18.5 minutes. Have you any idea how much courage this is going to take? OK, here we go…deep end.

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