Prepare for Change

DawningIt is the dawning.

I have decided to start speaking about things that catch my eyes and / or ears. I am helping with another blog as well called Galactic Connection, so it’s I help with adding articles to the blog and so lots of info now comes across my desk and some of it I just feel the need to talk about or tell everyone about. I figure that there are people out there who want or need to hear what I have to say about what I find from other websites, and any who don’t, won’t be drawn to my blog to begin with. Huh  win win…how about that?

Today I spoke about a website called Prepare for Change. The man who started it and keeps it running is Rob Potter. I have listened to several interviews and I have read the information on his site and I have to say for the most part I am in agreement with all of it. We, all of us including the planet herself, are in a time of great change. I have been feeling for a while now that something is coming, something is getting ready to happen. Hard to say when but it feels imminent…like months rather than years. This website is apparently about this very thing. Rob talks about what he calls The Event, as does Cobra. The Event is two fold, not only is it a crack in the shell of the darkness that has enveloped us for of thousands of years, it is also the exposure of the darkness itself. The analogy that my brain comes up with is when the shell cracks the light floods in and everyone on the planet shakes their head and wakes up a little bit, kind of like coming out of a dream at the break of dawn. Anyone who was already awake is now more so, and those who weren’t will all of a sudden feel like something just shifted in them, but they are not sure what. At the same time this awakening is happening so also will the Light forces be taking down the dark. The Banksters will start being arrested, the members of the dark cabal who have tried to enslave us, who have abducted and murdered our children and many others on the planet, will now be brought to justice. It is going to be a greatly confusing time for many, many people. There will be help and there will be a great deal of information and explanations that will go out over the internet and the media…after the bought and paid for media has been disbanded.  The darkness will no longer have a hold on us but it is still going to be a very confusing and disruptive time for a while, until people start understanding, until we all start using our hearts to discern with rather than our ego minds. Remember the saying…may you live in interesting times…well…I think we are going to.

So the MP3 below is just me talking about all this and also reading one of the pieces I got off of the Prepare for Change website, The site has a lot of information about the Event and what it is and how to prepare and how to understand what is happening when it happens. I hope it helps you in any way you need. My intention for you is that you have all of the love and light and guidance you could possibly hope for. Take care all.


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