It’s Me

Dear Universe,

This is my blog to speak about how I feel and who I am at the moment, and perhaps who I have been throughout my life. I am speaking to the Universe just to speak because that is what I feel compelled to do. I address this blog in such a way because I realize that what I am expending is energy and it goes on forever throughout the cosmos, and therefore reaches all in some way. To any and all who happen to read this, welcome to my blog. I intend to create a vocal blog, or podcast, to eventually go along with this written blog as soon as I get it figured out. The written blog will be standard but my voice is what I need to utilize. I will eventually be adding links to and quotes from other blogs that I read and or listen to. I also plan on reading excerpts from other blogs during my podcast as there are so many out there that I feel just need to be voiced. I love the idea of giving voice to something that someone else wrote that speaks to me in some way. I don’t consider myself much of a writer but I do so love reading. As I read books or other blogs I am often struck by something written and I think to myself ” Oh this is so wonderful, people need to hear this!”

So this is how I want my blog to go…some from me and some from others.

I have for many years seen myself standing on a stage speaking to people about what I know in my heart to be true, although the courage to actually stand up and speak eludes me. I now realize that the internet can be that stage and I can speak about whatever I think is important enough to utter. I am a bit of a perfectionist and very critical of myself and any mistakes I make. Unfortunately in communicating this way, the written word, rather than on stage, I still have the annoying opportunity to correct the mistakes I make rather than having to let them stand because I am in front of a crowd of people. Be that as it may I am going to try to leave the mistakes in, at the very least in my podcast. I don’t mean typos, but ways of saying something that I then think would sound better in a different way, or in some cases not saying it at all. I want to try to speak from my heart and use my authentic voice. Boy let me tell you that is a completely scary thought. Have you ever contemplated being seriously and totally authentic? What would happen if you said exactly what is in your mind and heart? Do I really know what is in my mind and heart? I am going to try to find out and I am going to be interested to see if I can actually do this.

I am trying to heal myself. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. It is an autoimmune disease where your body has the mistaken impression that the thyroid is an invader and is trying to kill it. What I know in my heart to be true is that I developed this disorder because I have often held back during most of my life in saying what I want to say. The thyroid gland sits in the throat right at the 5th, or throat chakra. It is the chakra of authentic voice or to say it another way, speaking your truth. Our bodies often reflect an energy imbalance we have allowed to exist, and it shows up  in a particular area or organ. So it is here at the moment but I most definitely do not have to keep it and I don’t intend to. So onward we go.

I woke up at the age of 19. I picked up a book that had been left in my apartment by an ex boyfriend. The name of the book was The Seth Material by Jane Roberts. The information was, to me, profound to say the least. I remember a sudden feeling of “OMG! I know this…I remember this! It changed me for the whole rest of my life, and I mean that on a quite literal scale. I gave the book to my sister to read and she had the same response. Thank God! We now had each other to talk to about what we were feeling, who we were and what we were doing here on this planet. It was a total 180 degrees as to how we were raised. I guess the gist of it was that we were not alone. I don’t mean just she and I because we suddenly felt something and it was the same for each, I mean the whole planet, Earth, everyone here. WE ARE NOT ALONE! We have never been alone, and most of us have been here many, many times. We are loved and cared for by guides and angels who surround us 100% of the time. We can ask for help from Ascended Master’s and Archangels and get it. We have an I AM Presence, or Higher Self, who speaks to and guides us if we know how to listen and hear. The Universe is absolutely and positively teeming with life on all levels and on all dimensions. The stars and planets are as sentient as we are, as are the rocks, plants and animals of this planet. All life everywhere is sentient on some dimensional level. God is energy, life is energy, it expands and flows and is never, ever extinguished. WOW! That is so exciting to me and so comforting.  So now of course is the question…What do I do with this information? How does that change the way I live on this planet? How does it change the way I feel about myself? All excellent questions. This blog is one of my answers. I will speak.  Welcome to Noelle’s Voice.