Use Your Imagination (Pretend)

beautiful imagination It is my belief that the world is not at all what it appears to be. It is much more beautiful and much more filled with light than most of us can see. It is filled with dimensions that we have all been taught to ignore as nothing more than imagination, as if imagination is something that only children can use. Can you start to pretend? I know it sounds funny but pretending is what we need to be doing with our lives, because that is how we create our lives. You can pretend on the negative side or you can pretend on the positive side. Any time you are seeing your life going in a particular way you are actually pretending. When you replay an argument you had with someone, or you are a little stressed about an interview coming up, you keep going over what was said or what you can say or how you can or did react in a certain way…..all those are pretending. If we could train ourselves to pretend in the positive instead of the negative…wouldn’t that be a benefit to us? Try to change the way you see you life, try to catch yourself when you start going to the negative and just change the scenario you are creating in your mind. If you are creating a scenario in the negative then you can create a scenario in the positive. Unfortunately the way we have been programed to be the sheeple of this planet is to consistently see everything in the negative. That is the way we are the most easily controlled.  We have been programed to think that we cannot change our circumstances or life, that everything we deal with that is real is tangible, or it is not real. That is not true and it is even a little ridiculous to think that way. Is the love you feel for your child or your spouse tangible? Is the love, joy, or happiness you feel tangible? Is the fear you feel tangible? No of course not. Then why must everything that is REAL be tangible?

There are dark forces at work on this planet and they feed on fear, negativity, war, pain, terror, hopelessness, unhappiness, depression, sadness, lack, etc etc etc………….If here is darkness that feeds on negativity then DON’T FEED IT!  Feed the light! Feed the LOVE! Any time you feel yourself going toward the negative and darkness with any thought whatsoever…..CHANGE IT! Immediately change your mind and start thinking in the positive. If you are worried about that interview and find yourself thinking how badly you might screw up then start pretending you see yourself as composed and comfortably answering any question they might decide to ask you. If you are going over and over the argument you had with your co-worker…stop….replay it as the best communication the two of you have ever had, it was a great conversation. Surprisingly enough it will change the way it went…you will find that the issue just no longer exists. Really! Imagination is an AMAZING tool!  Use it to you advantage!  TRY IT!!  beautiful imagination helen keller



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